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Dive into adventures everyday. There is so much to discover for growing minds.

Play doctor and help each visiting patient by following the correct order of treatment

Peng Panda wants to build a snowman. Help Peng decorate him and bring him to life!

Count the correct number of items from the delivery van for each character in the building

Bedtime Routine

Help Ruby Rabbit prepare for bed through an interactive healthy hygiene routine

Space Jam

Pick between a piano, a drum kit and a xylophone and play music with your crew

Shape Workshop

Drag and drop the shapes onto each construction to build the vehicle, then watch them go

Colour It

Drag black and white scene elements onto the canvas then colour it in

Emoji Match

Play with Luv Lion and his deck of cards to match the emotions of his friends with emoticons

Music In the Air

Toggle the clouds vertically to change the pitch, then select an instrument to hear it play

Star Connect

Connect the stars to complete a constellation. Can you find objects hidden in them?

Shape Up

Explore how stacking different shapes can result in different outcomes using real physics

House Music

Get creative by finding instruments and everyday objects to make music

Colour a Kite

Express yourself by colouring kites to your liking, then watch your artwork fly in the air

Station Clean Up

Can you keep your space station spic and span?

Fashion Frenzy

Design your own sweaters! Colour them in and watch your creations become part of Tina Toucan's boutique

Cupcake Cafe

Follow each customers’ flavour requests and bake colourful cupcakes they can eat.

Letters in the Snow

Play with Ciara in the snow to trace letter and discover what is inside the gift boxes!

Space Puzzle

Bring your crew to life by solving the jigsaw puzzle

Snowy Safari

Follow Chloe's adventures in the snowy forests and discover animals in their habitat

Vegetable Garden

Discover how vegetables grow by nurturing each seed, then feed them to Ellie and Ruby

Shape Pop

Bring basic shapes together to ceate everyday objects


Blow random letters of the alphabet to learn the sound and word associations

The Transporter

Select the correct letters and crack the password to reveal what the transporter has beamed up!

Toy Shopper

Play shopkeeper with Fiona Fox and help her sell toys to new customers

Plus many more!

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